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Different ways to hide an HTML Element

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There are different ways to hide an HTML element from the client, just hiding not removing. <div> <p>Line 1</p> <p class="hide">Line 2</p> <p>Line 3</p> <p>Line 4</p> </div> We need to hide p.hide element, so the user can't see it. Display: Display css property, display is the most important and most used css property to control HTML elements layout. display:none; can be used to hide an HTML element from the view and it will appear as if it was not there on the page, means the HTML element will be hidden without blocking any space. Example: Text 1 | Text 2 | Text [...]

Simplest menu using CSS

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Many web designers I met had problems while  creating menus, specially which contains nested sub menus. In some cases it is a real pain, but in most of cases it is simple, and the problem come when the designer start to implement the simple menu the hard wrong way, it will take ages from him to implement a simple menu while it just need few lines of css code. Also he may think it can’t be done without javascript and jquery. Try to think simple while writing your next menu and may be you will need my code as a starting [...]